Truework’s Covid-19 management platform is now live

On April 22nd, we shared the initial specs for our new Covid-19 employee management platform. Today, we’re excited to announce that the product is now live for multiple pilot customers, including Fuze, The Motley Fool, and Trov and will soon be available to all customers of BambooHR, Namely, Zenefits, and our other HR partners. We are also excited to announce new partnerships with Duke Health (medical support hotline), and SixFifty (compliance) to provide customers with a full suite of tools to cover all their needs to safely get back to work. We look forward to announcing additional key partnerships over the coming days.

Since April, our team has been hard at work designing and building a product while incorporating feedback and direction from our customers. All employers, whether continuing remote work or returning to the office, need a way to track Covid-19 information internally with the clear consent from their employees. Besides a centralized dashboard, employers need additional functionality and services, including access to at-home testing and medical support hotlines.

With Truework’s Covid-19 platform, employers receive a secure, turnkey management and tracking tool for Covid-19. HR admins are able to capture information such as employee symptoms and test results through secure, mobile-friendly health surveys, and view the data on a permissioned dashboard. On top of this core functionality, the platform allows employers to connect to a number of add-ons and services to help them get back to work safely.

How does it work?

The Employer Dashboard:

HR admins can search through their active employee base to view and manage Covid-19 related information received from employees, such as reported symptoms and test results. When ready, employers can check off that an employee is eligible to return to the office.

Truework’s Covid-19 Employee Management Tool

Employee Surveys:

Admins can configure standardized survey questions for employees to answer before they return to the office. Based on EEOC and CDC guidance on what employers can and cannot ask employees, these surveys capture information like test results, recent symptoms, and contact with an infected person. They can be configured to send daily, weekly, or according to the admin’s preferred schedule.

Employee Surveys

Add-Ons & Partners:

The Covid-19 dashboard will become a platform that other developers can build on top of to give employers an ever growing tool set. Early partners on the platform include:

Duke Health - medical support. Employers can sign up for a support hotline from Duke Health to help employees or admins through any Covid-19 related questions. The nationwide call center is made up of medically trained specialists at Duke.

SixFifty - compliance & policies. Employers can quickly create and update legal policies around Covid-19, and seamlessly put these policies into action with Truework’s tool.

We’re excited to continue rolling out the platform as described over the coming weeks. Meanwhile we are designing and building additional features and integrations based on customer need.

For example, the next version will enable employers to tag and bucket employees into cohorts, to help with scheduling and shift management. Employers will be able to create and assign custom tags for essential workers or bucket employees by floor or function. We are working with scheduling & time management partners to make it even easier for employers to schedule shifts based on employee’s eligibility to work.

Why Truework?

Truework’s consent-based verification platform, which has ISO 27001 and SOC 2 security certifications, is designed to handle extremely sensitive data with the explicit consent of each employee. We built our platform in a way that can be extended to other areas of employee identity, such as healthcare data.

Truework already integrates with over 20 HRIS platforms, allowing almost any employer–both large and small–to connect this application to their employee system of record.

Check out our one-pager, schedule a demo or email us with questions at - we’d love to partner with you to get back to work. If you believe you or your organization can help improve our Covid-19 tool, please reach out.

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