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With the spread of COVID-19, our country’s healthcare system and economy are being pushed to their limits as we navigate this troubling crisis. Each week we learn of friends or loved ones who have fallen ill to the virus, while others are laid off or lose their jobs entirely due to the economic shutdown. Here at Truework we are passionate about helping companies – from the largest brands in the country to brick-and-mortar small businesses– get their employees back to work safely.

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By listening to our customers, especially those urgently developing processes for essential employees, we learned that employers and HR teams across the country need new, complex processes in place to restart their in-office operations.

In addition to important physical safety measures such as the use of PPE and the enforcement of social distancing, employers need to continuously verify and monitor the COVID-19 health status of each employee.The challenges of verifying this information are significant:

  1. Privacy & Security. Like other sensitive healthcare information, COVID-19 status data needs to be handled extremely carefully by employers. Top of mind considerations include receiving consent from employees to share their health information, securing data infrastructure to store this info, and limiting access control to this information within the company.
  2. Flexibility for multiple inputs. Guidance from government agencies and the scientific community is changing all the time on what an employer needs to verify to bring an employee back to work. HR teams need a flexible solution that can accept multiple inputs and be able to change over time according to that consensus. In the not-too-distant future, this may include a combination of antibody test results, data pulled from contact tracing apps, and any history of confirmed infection.
  3. Connectivity with HR software. HR teams need to connect these inputs to a variety of human resources information systems (HRIS) to match active employee records with COVID-19 related data.

It became clear that this is a problem that Truework can help solve.

Truework’s consent-based verification platform, which has ISO 27001 and SOC 2 security certifications, is designed to handle extremely sensitive data with the explicit consent of each employee. From the outset, we designed the technology in a way that could be extended to other verticals of identity in the future, from education records to healthcare data.

With such consent, Truework’s platform can combine different inputs (such as user-submitted information and trusted third-party sources) to verify this sensitive data while restricting access to employees and designated admins.

The Truework product already integrates with over 20 HRIS platforms, allowing almost any employer–both large and small–to connect this application to their employee system of record.

While we aren’t healthcare experts, we are data & privacy experts. We understand how to balance the need to verify sensitive information with consumer privacy. Over the past two weeks, we decided to start building a solution to help our customers solve this problem. If proven successful, we plan to extend this product to all employers across the nation. Today we are excited to share more about our efforts.

The Product

When the product is live, customers on Truework will see a new tab on their dashboard called “Health”.

Health Dashboard

Here, HR admins can view a list of their active employees, the most recent COVID-19 health status for each employee, and the date the record was last updated. Admins can view more details about each employee’s COVID-19 history (such as a list of test results over time), and can click to verify or re-verify an employee’s status.

When an employer clicks “Verify”, the designated employee will receive an email taking them to a consent-based flow where they can securely share their COVID-19 health data with their HR team. The employee will be required to submit information such as recent lab test results, and Truework may then verify that information with the lab itself. We are continuing to explore functionality that would also allow the employee to connect a number of contact tracing apps to the Truework platform, confirming they have not been in contact with an infected individual.

We know that building this solution is an incredibly difficult challenge. It will require forging new partnerships between Truework, government agencies, and companies across a multitude of industries including HRIS systems, contact tracing platforms and lab testing companies. Our plan is to maintain focus on the HR/employer side of the problem while other parties, and the scientific community as a whole, comes to a consensus on which inputs we need to verify, and the “greenlight” thresholds needed.

We are excited by the collaborative progress we’ve made already and look forward to the challenge ahead. At the end of the day, it is our duty to do whatever we can to help people get back to work safely.

If you are interested in partnering with Truework on our COVID-19 verification product, please do not hesitate to reach out. Employers can sign up here or reach out to our team at

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